LiaLight is established in 2015 to serve fast, reliable, longevity and unique designs and to provide semi-finished light engines and LED lighting solutions.

We focus on development of Solid state lighting solutions and distribution of first-class lighting components. Our Aim is to constantly support our clients in development of innovative lighting solutions. Relying on our expertise and our best picked product portfolio, we are committed to deliver the “right solution” defined by every applications specific needs.

Our services include electrical design and production of High quality LED modules in partnership with the best LED manufacturers in the industry, Optical simulations for project needs, thermal design evaluation and integration of appropriate lighting components to deliver the ideal target for every lighting manufacturer.

Optical simulations

Providing Dialux simulations using over 1,500 unique optics tested with various LEDs to select the ideal light pattern for satisfying every single application and project

Thermal evaluation

Execution of thermal tests under different conditions in a fully equipped lab to ensure long-term sustainability of an LED system/Fixture

Electronic Design

Design of circuit boards for all types LED modules including constant current, constant voltage and RGBW LED applications

Solution integration

Integration of world-class components from leading manufacturers of the lighting industry to develop the most efficient lighting solutions

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