Dark Light Concept

Unobtrusive and discrete lighting setups that set a more natural mood Light that is so discrete you can barely see the light source can be termed dark light. So basically you can see the light but not the source unless you are standing directly under it looking up. Dark light sets a more natural mood […]

Daisy optics deliver elegant, human centric lighting

DAISY is a low glare optic for premium office, retail or any other general lighting. This Dark Light solution is suitable for recessed and suspended luminaires combining great aesthetics with efficiency and tunable white performance. You can choose between 28X1, 7X1, 4X1 and 2X2 variants available in black and white with a gloss or matt […]

Lighting that sells in the supermarkets

Learn everything there is to know about directing light right in supermarkets. Lighting & optics guru Tero Mäkinen will walk you through best practice in general, aisle and high bay lighting, using linear, track and high bay luminaires. Lighting is a key element of any retail environment. Given their often large size, creating effective lighting […]

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