High precision lenses with black reflectors providing sharp cutoff ideal for non-glare premium quality retail lighting. Compatible with LEDiL HEKLA sockets/connectors.CARMEN is a completely renewed reflector design that can take better advantage of all the light emitted by the light source. This hybrid of transparent reflector and lens maximizes the optical performance – when compared to other metal coated reflectors – with sharp cut-off and eliminated haloing effects. Combined with the LEDiL´s patented RZ-technology providing a smooth light pattern without any color-over-angle problems. CARMEN also works as a cover to protect the LED both physically and visually, and the surrounding black holder ensures low UGR ratings for the applications.

  • Patent pending hybrid lens family with 10° ultra-narrow beam
  • Higher performance compared to similar metallized reflector designs in the market
  • Dust- and TouchProof design
  • No halos or light spilling = higher intensity and less glare
  • Comes with black reflector, especially optimised for low UGR applications
  • Standard retail and track lighting beams available
  • CARMEN-50: LES sizes up to 10 mm
  • CARMEN-70: LES sizes up to 11 mm

Typical Applications:

  • Track lighting
  • Retail and supermarkets
  • Industrial lighting
  • Outdoor architectural
  • General indoor lighting

Beam angle



10º Real Spot
CP15774_CARMEN-S-C 14º Spot
CP15775_CARMEN-M-C 34º Medium
CP15776_CARMEN-W-C 55º Wide


Mechanical drawing

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